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This repository is primarily maintained by Omar Santos and includes thousands of resources related to ethical hacking / penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and more.

  • Updated Feb 21, 2020
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Monero is a private, fungible, open source, decentralized cryptocurrency.
Git Merge 2020
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Git Merge 2020

March 04, 2020 • Los Angeles

Git Merge is a one-day conference dedicated to the version control tool that started it all—and the people who use it every day.
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Trending repository
Trending repository
Trending repository
Trending repository
andreasmarx commented Feb 11, 2020

Please update the documentation to reflect the current situation:
For SSTP, up to two DNS servers are pushed from the gateway (only VNG supports SSTP, VWAN not).
For IKEv2 and OpenVPN only 1 DNS server is pushed by the gateways in both case VNG and VWAN. A 2nd DNS Server has always to come from the client config. The Azure VPN Client is not capable to configure DNS servers. So with the Azure VPN c

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DeepSource is a for developers, by developers platform to continuously monitor source code quality and security.

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