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How developers work

Find tools that support every part of your workflow. Then work how you work best—we'll follow your lead.


Automate from code to cloud

Cycle your production code faster and simplify your workflow with GitHub Packages and built-in CI/CD using GitHub Actions.


Automate your workflows

Build, test, deploy, and run CI/CD the way you want in the same place you manage code. Trigger Actions from any GitHub event to any available API. Build your own Actions in the language of your choice, or choose from thousands of workflows and Actions created by the community.

Learn about GitHub Actions


Packages at home with their code

Use Actions to automatically publish new package versions to GitHub Packages. Install packages and images hosted on GitHub Packages or your preferred registry of record in your CI/CD workflows. It’s always free for open source—and data transfer within Actions is unlimited for everyone.

Learn about GitHub Packages

Secure development

Securing software, together

We all play a role in securing the world’s code—developers, maintainers, researchers, and security teams. On GitHub, development teams everywhere can work together to secure the world’s software supply chain, from fork to finish.

Learn about security on GitHub

Security alerts

Get alerts about vulnerabilities in your code

We continuously scan security advisories for popular languages, and send security alerts to maintainers of affected repositories with details so they can remediate risks.


Automatically update vulnerabilities

We monitor your project dependencies and automatically open pull requests to update dependencies to the minimum version that resolves known vulnerabilities.


Stay on top of CVEs

Stay up to date with the latest Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), and learn how they affect you with the GitHub Advisory Database.


Find vulnerabilities that other tools miss

CodeQL is the industry’s leading semantic code analysis engine. Our revolutionary approach treats code as data to identify security vulnerabilities faster.

Security analysis

Eliminate variants

Never make the same mistake twice. Proactive vulnerability scanning prevents vulnerabilities from ever reaching production.

Security shield

Keep your tokens safe

Accidentally committed a token to a public repository? We’ve got you. With support for 20 service providers we’ll take steps to keep you safe.

Security for users

Protect your users

We provide the infrastructure security researchers and open source maintainers need to responsibly disclose security vulnerabilities.

Code review

Seamless code review

Code review is the surest path to better code, and it’s fundamental to how GitHub works. Built-in review tools make code review an essential part of your team’s process.

Learn about code review


Propose changes

Better code starts with a Pull Request, a living conversation about changes where you can talk through ideas, assign tasks, discuss details, and conduct reviews.


See the difference

Reviews happen faster when you know exactly what’s changed. Diffs compare versions of your source code side by side, highlighting the parts that are new, edited, or deleted.

changes requested

Give clear feedback

Your teammates shouldn’t have to think too hard about what a thumbs up emoji means. Specify whether your comments are required changes or just a few suggestions.

reviewers list

Request reviews

If you’re on the other side of a review, you can request reviews from your peers to get the exact feedback you need.

code comment

Comment in context

Discussions happen in comment threads, right within your code. Bundle comments into one review, or reply to someone else’s inline to start a conversation.

branch settings

Protect branches

Only merge the highest quality code. You can configure repositories to require status checks, reducing both human error and administrative overhead.

Share your work

Want to use GitHub to work on a side project? See how to get started and make your next idea happen.


More ways to work with GitHub

Whether you want to simplify your Git workflow or take GitHub on the go, we’ve got you covered.

GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop

Visualize changes across Git and GitHub, and simplify your development workflow.

Download GitHub Desktop for Windows or macOS

Visual Studio Extension

GitHub Extension for Visual Studio

The easiest way to connect to your GitHub repositories and pull requests in Visual Studio.

Get the Visual Studio Extension for Visual Studio

GitHub Learning Lab

GitHub Learning Lab

Learn new skills by completing tasks and projects directly within GitHub, guided by our friendly Learning Lab bot.

Explore GitHub Learning Lab

GitHub for mobile

GitHub for mobile

Bring GitHub collaboration tools to your small screens with a fully-native mobile and tablet experience.

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Made for you, by us

We’re building developer tools, too. We hope they help you work on projects of any size and share ideas with your friends and coworkers. Try them out or help us build them.

Discover new tools

A well-timed app can complement your workflow and help your team accomplish more. Hundreds of tools work with GitHub to help your team collaborate, automate work, and more.

Extend GitHub

Sometimes only a custom tool will do. Create your own tools with greater access to data than ever before using the GitHub GraphQL API—the same API we use to build GitHub.

Take GitHub even further

Find tools for every step of the development process and start using them in minutes. Browse and buy apps from GitHub Marketplace with your GitHub account—no need for multiple accounts or payment methods.

Travis CI
Code Climate

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All your code and documentation in one place

There are hundreds of millions of private, public, and open source repositories hosted on GitHub. Every repository is equipped with tools to help you host, version, and release code and documentation.

repository summary

Code where you collaborate

Repositories keep code in one place and help your teams collaborate with the tools they love, even if you work with large files using Git LFS. With unlimited private repositories for individuals and teams, you can create or import as many projects as you’d like.

Compare features of our different GitHub subscriptions.

GitHub pages

Documentation alongside your code

Host your documentation directly from your repositories with GitHub Pages. Use Jekyll as a static site generator and publish your Pages from the /docs folder on your master branch.

Learn more about publishing documentation on GitHub Pages or wikis.

Project management

Manage your ideas

Coordinate early, stay aligned, and get more done with GitHub’s project management tools.

Learn about project management


See your project’s big picture

See everything happening in your project and choose where to focus your team’s efforts with Projects, task boards that live right where they belong: close to your code.


Reference every Issue and Pull Request in a card, a drag-and-droppable snapshot of the work your teams do in your repository.


Capture early ideas that come up as part of your standup or team sync, without polluting your issues.


Track and assign tasks

Issues help you identify, assign, and keep track of tasks within your team. You can open an Issue to track a bug, discuss an idea with an @mention, or start distributing work.


Add a milestone to your Issue or Pull Request to organize and track progress on groups of issues or pull requests in a repository.


Assign an Issue or a Pull Request to one or more teammates to make it clear who is doing what work.

Team management

The human side of software

Building software is as much about managing teams and communities as it is about code. Whether you’re on a team of two or two thousand, we’ve got the support your people need.

User roles

Manage and grow teams

Help people get organized with GitHub teams, level up access with administrative roles, and fine tune your permissions with nested teams.

Discussion thread

Keep conversations on topic

Moderation tools, like issue and pull request locking, help your team stay focused on code. And if you maintain an open source project, user blocking reduces noises and ensures conversations are productive.


Set community guidelines

Set roles and expectations without starting from scratch. Customize common codes of conduct to create the perfect one for your project. Then choose a pre-written license right from your repository.

Open source guides

Our guides cover the fundamentals of open source maintenance—from starting a new project to introducing innersource to getting paid for all your hard work. Learn more about open source at GitHub or get ready to launch a project of your own.

Trusted by more than 2.1M* businesses and organizations

  • Airbnb
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  • PayPal
  • Spotify
  • Bloomberg
* As of August 2019

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GitHub is always free for both public and private projects. Collaborate with advanced tools and security features when you sign up for GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, or GitHub Enterprise.

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